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Townspeople have beaten the Rotor - 2:0

the Away match with the Volgograd command within the limits of superiority of Russia on football in the First battalion has stood out difficult.

– For predygrovoj to training we have paid attention that in the field of stadium in Volgograd is enough - taki a high grass. Such now meets seldom – it slows down game, - the head coach « has noted; Nizhni Novgorod » Victor Zajdenberg.

Fine knowing about those features of the lawn, « the Rotor » has constructed game on long transfers by top. But « air » visitors is more often won.

« Townspeople » only at the very beginning of a match conceded territorially to inhabitants of Volgograd, and having entered into game definitively, has shown that their command skill is considerable above.

In the middle of the first time visitors have organised attack, from which at protection « the Rotor » The head has begun to spin. A lumbago at the left, a lumbago on the right, blow! Malyshev has made all that could, has beaten off trudnejshy a ball from Gavrjuka, but on selection nobody insured. Tihonovetsky it is possible to finish a ball in empty gate.

In the second half beginning « townspeople » have doubled the bill – owners suited free life in penal Gavrjuku and have paid for it – 0:2.

on poslematchevoj a press - conferences Victor Zajdenberg has noted Kozakov`s confident game on a position opornika:

- « the Rotor » we have well studied and were ready to its tactics. At us Zyuzin passed game basic havbek, therefore this role should be executed to Kozakov. I think, it has consulted dolno successfully with this role. Gavrjuk has well played. And the goal has hammered, and on a broader scale a lot of advantage has brought. Well and Sasha Tihonovetsky – and at all well done Game, in general, was heavy, but thank God we managed to defeat.