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The police has detained criminal grouping

to Predators   punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term up to 15 years threatens. Now   criminals are in a pre-trial detention centre of Kishinev. To the leader of 47 years, other members of a gang – from 20 till 30 years. Two from them earlier sudimy.

the Leader of group was earlier shestikratno we judge for robbery. Last time it left on freedom in 2008, and now again will appear before court.

the Chief of department of police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ion Bodrug has told that during a search of the house at the leader of grouping were   two transport units &ndash are found out; minibus Mercedes stolen in Synzhere, and car Vaz stolen   in New Anenah. Also, 5 pomegranates &ndash are withdrawn; two models F1, two RG and one pomegranate with three fuses. The fowling piece, two pistols with holders, including gas, more than 100 cartridges to Kalashnikov`s automatic machine are confiscated.

According to Iona Bodruga, the group has made last crime on the night of May, 18th in village Speja of New Anen. Predators in masks have broken into the house the inhabitant of village, have beaten it and have stolen more than 30 thousand leev, the hunting weapon, jewelry from gold and other valuable things.

Members of the same group on the night of April, 17th in other village of the same area – Bulboaka, also and masks have got into the house of the inhabitant of village, whence have stolen 8 thousand leev, 120 euros, hours and other valuable things.