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The Voronezh champions have drawn

In gallery H. L. And. M Valery Mishunina`s exhibition " has opened; Physical training . The artist, 20 years co-operating with the Torch knows that such sports not by hearsay. Perhaps therefore all football moments to take though the picturesque goalkeeper though a goal pass, have turned out surprisingly bright, as if the colour pictures, passing passion, struggle, emotions. Mishuninu and sense of humour is not alien: fans cannot pass by amusing the Rumble of tribunes and for 20 minutes microscopic persons compare, trying to discover itself favourite.
the artist feels quite at home not only in a football subject. Valery equally manages also weightless fluttering on a gymnastic carpet and a heat of boxing duels. In one of them Valery Abadzhjan, our well-known boxer, the owner of a World Cup is obviously guessed.
By the way, images of the Voronezh sports stars - one of juicy highlights of an exhibition. And let in them there is no photographic similarity, but dynamism of the moment and character of persons is passed. For example, the Flying Tamara - dedication to the glorified Voronezh gymnast, the Olympic champion 1960 and 1964, Tamara Zamotajlovoj. Most unusual the image of Dmitry Sautina - a figure of the jumper grouped in flight, as if a mosaic combined from water patches of light has turned out.
- I always study a subject as staratel develops rock. It is interesting to me to catch and show beauty of those prompt instants, their which wrestling consists, - admitted the author.
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