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Mihaj Gimpu has visited Ungeny and Kalarash

- Integration of Moldova into the European union cannot be only declarative purpose of the Alliance « For the European integration » as the first steps for its achievement, and this carrying out of democratic reforms and harmonisation   legislative frameworks with the European standards and principles, are already made , -   with such statement and. The island of the president, the chairman of parliament has acted as Mihaj Gimpu at meetings with inhabitants of Ungensky and Kalarashsky areas during the working trip   in these it is administrative - territorial units.

According to Mihaja Gimpu, our country cannot achieve support of the European states if will not carry out the reforms directed on maintenance of growth of quality of life of our fellow citizens. In this sense, for us reforms in economic and social spheres are priority. Gimpu also has paid attention to necessity of development of social programs for interests of all categories of the population.

I the island of the head of the state considers that proceeding from conditions available in Moldova, it is necessary to change mentality of citizens that they did not share on « ours » and « yours ». He has specified that now when Moldova enjoys unprecedented support of the international community, it is necessary to create conditions for attraction of foreign investments into national economy, to carry out reforms that its inhabitants who have left on earnings have come back home, where by it will be provided   a worthy standard of living.

During conversations with citizens of Mihaj Gimpu has mentioned also a subject of the constitutional crisis which Moldova has faced and which can outgrow in political, and that, in turn, is fraught with economic crisis deepening.

In end and. An island President Mihaj Gimpu has answered numerous questions which were set by inhabitants of two areas. They complained of low salaries and pensions and their increase demanded.   citizens have reminded about   necessities of carrying out of an agrarian reform, about the situation which have developed in judicial system, importance of decentralisation of the power for maintenance of an autonomy of local public administration, and also about difficulties, with   with which the youth faces. Among the most topical problems inhabitants of Ungensky and Kalarashsky areas named gasification of settlements, repair of roads, fixed access to potable water, absence   waterpipes and water drain system in villages, and also a construction in Kalarashsky area of clearing station.