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The information on that onboard broken the Boeing - 737 there were Russians, has not proved to be true

Rescuers should find 38 more bodies.
Nano Mgeladze, a press - the secretary of embassy of Russia to India, Delhi

« the Boeing - 737 » going from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in the Indian city of Mangalor, was wrecked in the morning on Saturday, on May, 22nd. Correspondents of radio « » (97,2 FM) were converted behind details to a press - to the secretary of embassy of Russia into India Nano Mgeladze.

— Aboard there were 166 persons. The majority of passengers of flight was made by Indians - the immigrants working in Gulf States, and relatives who went them to come to see. At the moment the Indian news agencies inform that eight persons from this flight have survived. Other information on destiny of these eight persons while is not present. The information that aboard there were citizens of Russia, has not proved to be true. Besides, earlier it was informed that at the pilot of this plane the Russian citizenship. However it too has been denied by representative Ajr of India, which yesterday (on May, 22nd. — Red. ) on a press - conferences has informed that the citizen of Great Britain by origin the Serb was the pilot. Now investigation is conducted. For the present the black box is not found. 120 bodies were revealed only, and 38 bodies should be found still.