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It is better to Russian tourists to refrain from visitations of Bangkok

Meanwhile anybody from Russians was not converted behind the help into embassy
Vitaly Anopov, a press - the embassy secretary of Russia in Thailand, Bangkok

On Wednesday, on May, 19th, the authorities of Thailand in connection with stirrings in Bangkok have entered a curfew. On Sunday, 23 - go, the government declared that prolongs curfew action for two next days. A press - the attache of Russia in Thailand Vitaly Anopov from a detail — on the radio air « » (97,2 FM).

— In Bangkok and adjoining provinces action of a curfew from 11 evenings till 4 mornings the next two days is prolonged. Under the information available in embassy, any collisions in Bangkok between forces of law and order and supporters of opposition did not occur last days. Anybody from the Russian citizens has not suffered and behind the help in embassy or into consular department of embassy was not converted. Russia on - former recommends to all Russian tourists to refrain from visitations of Bangkok, at least, before the termination of action of a curfew in country capital.