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In Voronezh Vladimir Vasilev will put « Makbeta »

One of the most known dancers and ballet masters, a star of a world scene Vladimir Vasilev again co-operates with our theatre. In the summer 70 - summer horegraf is going to put in Voronezh ballet Makbet . Theatre director Igor Nepomnyaschy has just returned from capital where discussed with the master the plan of work on new performance.
- In the end of June Vladimir Viktorovich will arrive to Voronezh, in July the troupe will start rehearsals, and already in the end of October we are going to let out a premiere, - has shared with Igor Mihajlovich.
we Will remind, 30 years ago, in 1980, Vladimir Vasilev has put Makbeta in the Bolshoi theatre. The author of music composer Cyril Molchanov admitted that the success of performance has been in many respects connected with a name of Vasileva: To me has had the luck that one of the most remarkable masters of modern ballet art of Vladiimr Vasilev became the librettist, the director and the executor. Its erudition, inexhaustible imagination, temperament I am obliged in the big degree! since then Vasilev put Makbeta repeatedly: in 81 - m to year in Novosibirsk, in 86 - m — in Budapest, in 87 - m — in Berlin.
we Hope, and the Voronezh statement Makbeta the spectator success waits. As the previous performances of Vasileva on the Voronezh scene - the Cinderella and Anyuta - have merited an original recognition of public.