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The Ministry of Emergency Measures warns saratovtsev about danger

In the Saratov region the swimming season beginning approaches. Water temperature in Volga about 12 degrees. Townspeople go on beaches, that « to gild » the pale bodies, and some, especially holodostojkie, even dare to plunge. But sometimes it comes to an end tragically.

- From the beginning of year on water 10 persons already were lost and has as much suffered. It on third is less, than last year, but to forget about danger it is not necessary, - warns the Regional Ministry of Emergency Measures.

Daily employees GIMS and the Ministries of Internal Affairs patrol Volga. Militiamen with rescuers give preventive talks with having a rest — explain that it is not necessary to get into the water the drunk. And also tell how to render rolling first aid.

- It is necessary to remove water from a stomach and lungs — for this purpose to put the victim on a hip of the rescuer a head downwards and vigorously to press a chest and a back. After that to make artificial breath through a mouth or a nose — through everyone 5 - 6 pressing in heart area — one inflation of air, - reminds the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

But even if you well know first aid receptions, it is better to have a rest nevertheless it is civilised.