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Hockey players Kuzbas have spent the master - a class in Mezhdurechensk


Yesterday hockey players Kemerovo « Kuzbas » have gone to Mezhdurechensk for participation in the sports feast devoted 55 - letiju a miner`s city. On June, 23rd, 1955 on a Russia map has appeared the new city which has become by coal capital of our area. « black » gold gets expensive price: half-month back two explosions on « Raspadsky » have carried away lives of 66 persons (24 more – in the list of missing persons). Certainly, our command did not remain indifferent to tragedy: hockey players have assigned flowers to the Memorial to miners and miners of Mezhdurechensk.

On the area Spring kemerovchane have led exhibition matches on florbolu which is considered the younger brother of Russian hockey. Not casually game was born in Sweden where bendi it is rather popular. Florbol – an accessible, democratic sport. The size of a platform - 2040 metres, in a line-up – the goalkeeper and five field players.

On two fields of a central square of Mezhdurechensk four structures of the Kemerovo command have played among themselves. Leading players « have shown the skill; Kuzbas » protecting colours of a national team: the merited master of sports Roman Gejzel, Paul Ryazantsev, Denis Kriushenkov, Sergey Morozov, Simeon Kozlov, Vyacheslav Morzovik, and also come back on the small native land Sergey Bolshakov and Alexey Mjasoedov …

Then for the first time in history Mezhdurechensk tournament on florbolu with participation of students of branch of the Kuzbass state technical university, pupils of technical training college 62, two commands from local school on ice hockey has taken place. That fact is especially remarkable that the command of teachers of physical culture participated in tournament from schools of Mezhdurechensk (the majority in it women made). It is especially important because at area schools enter an additional sports lesson where will be engaged and florbolom. Youth structure « Kuzbas » acted in tournament hors concours and has won both matches. And pupils of technical training college 62, beaten in a series bullitov the command of hockey school became the first winner of competitions.

Our club has presented to Mezhdurechensk 50 sticks for florbola (by the way, the stock makes the Kemerovo mechanical factory for game), a stick with autographs of hockey players. In turn, « Kuzbas » the master - a class has received the letter of thanks from the head of Mezhdurechensk Sergey ShCherbakova for the organisation.