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Pincers were bitten 239 voronezhtsev

by Health officers of Voronezh obespokoenny: this year activity of pincers above, than in the past. From - for too warm April and May parasites have woken up earlier and began to stick is more often to careless voronezhtsam. According to Upravlenija Rospotrebnadzora across the Voronezh region as of May, 20th pincers have bitten already 239 persons. It for 28 percent above in comparison with number suffered from stings in the same period of last year (172 persons).

Danger that at a sting of pincers it is possible to catch a heavy infectious disease borreliozom. And at research of the parasites caught in vicinities of Voronezh, settlements Somovo and Kamenka, infecting agents Lima are just found out.

Besides in May at research myshevidnyh the rodents caught in a vicinity of village Big Privalovka of Verhnehavsky area, and the tick who has been removed from the person in village Orlovo of New Usmansky area, activator antigenes tuljaremii are found out.

Doctors ask voronezhtsev to pay attention to self-defence from pincers — to steer clear of a dry grass, to put on in wood clothes with cuffs, and to use frightening off sprays. And also not to take in hands of rodents.