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Riga dinamovtsy conduct after the first period in a match with Ak the Leopard

At last - that has ended having rummaged in championship KHL, connected with Russian national team performance on Kubke Karjala, and the big hockey has returned to Kazan. On tournament to Finland eight went at once leopards . Four from them as a part of our modular steel winners. And any of them has not come back home without points: defender Ilya Nikulin has made two goal passes, and the attacking Alexey Tereshchenko - three. Danis Zaripov differed in each match of a national team, on its bill 3 of a goal and transfer. The captain of a Russian team of Frosts has hammered in solving washers in matches with Finns and Czechs, all at it 5 (3+2) points for productivity. Alexey has been recognised the best by attacking tournament.

the Line-up of Suomi   has considerably strengthened the second link Ak the Leopard . Immonen - the best bombardir the Cup is bright - has hammered in four washers and has done one pass. At Niko Kapanena two productive passes. The Swedish goalkeeper of citizens of Kazan of Mikael Tellkvist has played on Kubke Karjala two matches including against Russian national team in which has passed four washers. The command tre krunur became in Finland to the third.

In the meantime Ak the Leopard has signed the contract with defender Stepan Zaharchukom earlier supporting Tolyatti to the Harmony . Now citizens of Kazan should play houses of five matches successively. And three of them with dinamovskimi collectives. The first in capital of Tatarstan of profit rizhane.

the Match has begun. On the sixth minute sharply attack leopards : Butts for the speed it is carried by behind collars of the rival and powerfully throws. The goalkeeper of Latvians of Masalskis on a place. Citizens of Kazan continue to press. It is successively dangerous twice, but Zaripov without results throws. To the middle of the period visitors revive and will organise is glad attacks to gate Ak the Leopard . However each time on a washer way rises Stanislav Galimov. 30 seconds prior to a break, after a distant throw, the rubber disk any miracle slips in gate. A goal write down on Rodrigo Lavinsha.

Ak the Leopard (Kazan) - the Dynamo (Riga) - 0:1 (0:1).
on November, 12th. Kazan. Tatneft Arena .
Goals: Lavinsh, 20 (Petrovitski, Ankipans).