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Rizhane double the bill in Kazan

In the first period rizhane twice perebrosali owners. It is no wonder that at least one of 15 throws all - taki achieves the object. In the second citizens of Kazan go at once forward, obviously burning with the desire to recoup. A number of sharp attacks does not achieve the object, and visitors it seems, only and the error wait. On the fourth minute leopards lose a washer in an average zone and it is picked up there and then by Ankipans. As on training they together with Hossoj leave on Galimov who has remained without defence and play dvoechku . The Same figure lights up on a board - 0:2.

Ak the Leopard is not going to give victory, as at collections there is a fresh experience vytaskivanija hopeless matches in a national team. Zaripov spins laces in a zone of visitors, shows that is going to drive behind collars, and itself gives out a pass - a candy back, on a stick of Morozova. The captain immediately throws, but Masalskis improbable movement reaches a washer.
removal of the captain the Dynamo Sndisa Ozolinsha turns around for rizhan four more powerful throws on their collars, but their last boundary on the lock. Hardly having appeared on ice, the Lithuanian will organise attack to Galimov`s gate. Stas does not give in and to a break of an abacus does not change any more.

Ak the Leopard (Kazan) - the Dynamo (Riga) - 0:2 (0:1, 0:1).
on November, 12th. Kazan. Tatneft Arena .
Goals: Lavinsh, 20 (Petrovitski, Ankipans) - 0:1; Hossa, 24 (Ankipans) - 0:2.