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Moldova follows on not democratic way

the Statement of Party European Left

  Despite the considerable victory reached during last parliamentary elections on July, 29th, 2009, the Party of communists of the Republic Moldova, the received 44 % of voices (in comparison with 16 % which were typed by the second party), has been urged to pass in opposition. At once after elections the new parliamentary majority consisting of four parties has been generated: three - liberal and one - sotsial - democratic. We are deeply disturbed by that already the first actions of the new authorities represent a step back in development of democratic institutes in Moldova. Recent amendments to the Code about tele-radio broadcasting, absolute ignoring of the rights of parliamentary opposition, serious changes in politicians of social security, in the course of the permission of a Dnestr problem - all it conducts absence of continuity to essential destabilization of the Moldavian society.    

  the Party European Left expresses the concern in communication by proceeding political crisis in the Republic Moldova, called by an irresponsible policy of the new parliamentary majority which seriously affects democratic development of Republic of Moldova.  

liberally - the democratic coalition has begun campaign for afflicting of freedom of expression, trying to close the oppositional and critically adjusted mass media. Thereupon we express the concern concerning recent attacks to radio station Antena C Agency the Omega the Public company Teleradio - Moldova with a view of submission of mass-media.    

  the party European Left considers inadmissible a situation when all country becomes the hostage of not democratic policy liberally - a democratic coalition.    

  We are converted to Advice of EU, the European commission and the European parliament, and also to the Council of Europe with the request to occupy more an active position in a question of the termination and the prevention of cases of infringement of human rights, afflictings of democracy and discredit of the European values.   the European institutes should incur responsibility on prevention of an establishment of not democratic mode in Republic Moldova.

  Geneva,     25 - 10 - 2009