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To Dmitry Hahalevu of a distance four years of a colony for sexual violence and hooliganism

History with a musty smell in which it has appeared the former head of Kalachevsky area Dmitry Hahalev is got mixed up already was stretched for 1,5 years. A point has this morning put   district court: it recognised as guilty under five articles of the criminal code   also have sentenced to 4 years of a colony.

Earlier state charge asked court to appoint punishment to the defendant in the form of imprisonment for a period of 8 years. On court Hahalev the fault denied. Judicial session passed in the closed mode. Protection eks - heads of Kalachevsky area has declared that will appeal against sentence, while Hahalev will be is under house arrest.

we Will remind, Dmitry Hahalev has become famous all around on May, 1st last year. That day Hahalev had a rest on a camp site Manor near farm Rjumino of Kalachevsky area.   in the evening, after a cheerful sit-round gathering with friends,   the people`s choice   Has started quarrel with podguljavshej the company in the neighbourhood.   those, ostensibly, strongly rustled   also did not give to the owner to celebrate pervomaj. Hahalev has begun to scorch from a carbine Sajga on having a rest. The frightened company has scattered in all directions. According to eyewitnesses, Hahalev has shot not less than 20 times. As soon as cartridges have come to an end, eks - head has gone to the hand-to-hand: as a result   head   area   has got into hospital with concussion of a brain and crises. http:// www./ from May, 6th, 2008.

  Opponents have appeared not shy ten: children of the high-ranking officials, deputies and their friends.   therefore, when in the morning Hahalev   has written the application on   the ostensibly offenders those were not in debt, and in a day on a table of the inspector one more has laid down -   counter -   to the hackneyed head of Kalachevsky area.

On it it turned out that except drunk fight in which itself and has suffered,   Hahalev has had time to rape one of having a rest.

Besides, the court has established   participation of the head of area to one crime:   on the night of November, 12th, 2006 Hahalev at a building of river port of Volgograd has beaten the employee of private security. After arrival on a police squad scene the got excited brawler has offended the chief of department of private security OVD of the Central area.

- Criminal case obeyed under articles: 132 criminal codes of Russian Federation - Violent acts of sexual character 213 criminal codes of Russian Federation -   the Hooliganism made with a use of weapons two episodes under article 319 of the criminal code of Russian Federation - the Reviling of police officers article 112 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Causing of average weight meal to health from hooligan promptings And 116 criminal codes of Russian Federation Drawing of a beating from hooligan promptings . Hahalevu punishment in the form of four   is appointed; years of imprisonment with serving in a standard regime penal colony. To the introduction of a sentence into validity eks - the head of Kalachevsky area   will be under house arrest, - Antonina Makeeva, the senior assistant administrator on communications with mass-media of SOU SKP across the Volgograd region has told .