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Nizhegorodtsy collect paper for recycling for the aid to the sick girl

Nizhegorodtsy Inhabitants of Sormovsky area collect paper for recycling for the aid to Ane Levinoj
have decided that the money obtained for old newspapers and magazines, they will send on bill 14 - the summer townswoman Vyksa to the Nizhniy Novgorod region Ane Levinoj.

Till last winter the girl lived, without knowing problems with health:   was engaged in dancing studio, sang in a vocal circle, acted at concerts and festivals. In the winter Anja has fallen on a skating rink, was traumatised in a backbone. Since then the girl cannot normally go, sleep, conduct an active way of life habitual to any schoolboy - pains in a back amplify.

operation on introduction in an implant backbone is necessary for Anna, differently - the paralysis of feet will for ever leave it in an invalid carriage. Cost of an implant of 110 thousand roubles. The part of means is already collected - it is necessary to collect 98 thousand. Anja lives together with mum in Vyksa, the father was lost, the income of a family below a living wage.

- when we have learnt that Ane Levinoj is necessary operation, at once have solved - we will collect paper for recycling and to transfer money for the hospital bill where it will operate, - the chairman of the council of public self-management Olga Shumilov tells. - have stuck announcements on entrances of houses, have told about a problem of Ani. Inhabitants and willingly handed over earlier paper for recycling, they at us ecologically grounded, understand,   that the old paper in apartment collects a dust and a dirt, calls irritation and an allergy the person. 0, wood - our friend!   The ton makulaturnoj papers allows to save up approximately 5 cubic metre of wood that is equal 20 - to 25 trees.

an appeal to help Anechka Levinoj has collected in the action and old and small: pensioners bore newspapers and magazines, schoolboys - old textbooks and the used up maps.  

- to me of 13 years, and Ane - 14, - are told by the schoolgirl 7 a class of school 183 Julians Latyshev. - it is terrible to think that you from - for traumas on a skating rink cannot go, run, dance... When I have learnt that Ane is necessary operation, at once has come here. Let and a small pack of paper for recycling has brought, but all - taki I help!

- I am a constant participant of the action, - tells about myself 68 - summer Nina Zajtseva. -   I consider that it develops a certain ecological habit at the person - to get rid of second-hand articles thus to save ecology. It is not necessary to forget that process of processing of paper for recycling is purer and less power-intensive, after all the paper reuse reduces water use by 60 %, energy - on 40 %, thus air pollution decreases on 74 %, waters - on 35 %. And if still we and Ane Levinoj help to rise on feet, it will be absolutely healthy!

only 40 inhabitants have come to one advice of public self-management in day of the action, 350 kgs of paper for recycling are collected. And the help of Ane Levinoj 9 advice of Sormovsky area have decided to render all.  

- we name the action For three hares pogonishsja - all three you will catch - smile nizhegorodtsy. - Of an old unnecessary paper the house you will relieve, you will save wood from cutting down yes you will help the girl to recover. When the whole world on a problem you will pull hard - here then the result will not be slow to affect.