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With a state accuser settled accounts on - female

in the Sabbatical evening the senior assistant to public prosecutor Petrodvortsovogo of area went home. According to some information, 32 - summer Yury Popov went from court where selected a preventive punishment to one of figurants of criminal case. At a house front door in which the lawyer rents apartment, the stranger has flown up to it. Has used fists, Priests almost did not resist. Attacking has got butylek with a liquid and has splashed in the person to a victim. Yury remained in consciousness, standing.

First aid have called quickly. Physicians have examined damages - chemical burns 1 - 2 - j degrees of the right half litsy, a neck and hands. popova have decided to carry in the burn centre of scientific research institute Dzhanelidze.

- It is delivered in a satisfactory status, - have told in to hospital . But the risk of loss of sight was, therefore Yury have defined in burn resuscitation. However, have in a day translated in usual chamber.

On a scene 16 employees of Office of Public Prosecutor, militias, consequences have gathered. The main version of a crime - office activity of Popova. In Petrodvortsovom court it supported the state charge. Worked as the inspector earlier.

- Though also sabbatical arrest from which came back Priests, and its former affairs badly co-ordinate with character of an attack, - consider in law enforcement bodies of Petersburg . - State accusers earlier at all did not touch. It is senseless. The course and a process result actually depends on the judge, the inspector and the lawyer. Besides, as far as it is known, before threat to the victim did not arrive. Otherwise he would write a paper and has asked protection. In - the second, acid to pour - it is pure on - female, too emotionally and thoughtlessly. Most likely, or at someone the offence for all law-enforcement system has leapt, and the person has decided to revenge thus. Or to all fault personal motives.

Materials of the criminal case raised under article application of violence, life-threatening or health, concerning the representative of the power have transferred in investigatory control SKP across Petersburg.