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In Kemerovo all - taki there has passed meeting

This meeting has been planned in advance and should pass in frameworks of the All-Russia protest action of motorists.   drivers were revolted with last innovations: an interdiction for import japoshek under new technical regulations, increase of the transport tax and the prices for gasoline. On October, 21st to representatives Federations of Automobile owners of Russia in Kemerovo local authorities have given the allowing document on carrying out. However, not meeting, and picket with the limited number of people - no more than 150 persons. In social networks actively it was discussed. Despite the white paper to leave with posters on Saturday gathered about thousand drivers. Then city authorities have published on October, 22nd the order which have withdrawn the the previous order. Nevertheless, in Kemerovo was about 150 daredevils, have arrived on an initial place of meeting - a platform near hostel " in the afternoon; the Crystal . Also as well as other motorists of the country, they on the japoshki have attached yellow tapes and labels Tell the is not present to increase of taxes .

To the place of meeting Evgenie Kazantsev and 20 employees of the Department of Internal Affairs has left fulfilling duties of the chief of militia of public security of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of area. Fortunately, to disperse force it was necessary nobody. Automobile owners have left an hour later with the superfluous. Nevertheless, on Andrey Lukjanova,   the head of the Kemerovo representation Federations of Automobile owners of Russia the report under article " has been made; Infringement of the established order of the organisation or carrying out of meeting, meeting, demonstration, procession or picketing . Him have detained in same and in car PPS have forced to write explanatory, why on the forbidden action all - taki   people have come. After that it at once have released.