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The theatre of dolls has prepared for small Krasnoyarsk citizens a fairy tale « the Magic snowball »

the Krasnoyarsk theatre of dolls has prepared New Year`s representation for the small spectators. Every day, since December, 25th and about the newest year, will pass here celebratory performances with Father Frost participation, the Snow Maiden and fantastic heroes. At first kids together with the grandfather will traditionally light the green beauty in theatre foyer. And after children will show a premier fairy tale for this season the Magic snowball . By the way, the actor of theatre Alexander Kikot became the director of performance. But it is far not debut work of the director. All its children - the Cat in boots When sing traffic lights Three pigs and a grey wolf Adventures of the imp of the Buttercup Cheerful bear cubs - go with the big success.

- in performance children and their parents will see for a long time the fallen in love heroes: Father Frost, the Snow Maiden, Ivanushku, - the chief manager of theatre Katerina Perminova tells. - Certainly, in a fairy tale there will be Woman Jaga, the Fright, Koshchej Immortal, will not manage and without an artful cat and a fox.

New Year`s adventures begin at theatre of dolls twice a day: in 10. 30 and 13. 30.