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In Krasnoyarsk region the car mechanician nearly has not undermined a water tower

Hardly experiment of the young guy from settlement Kozulka, which " has ended with tragedy; purely from interest has built a bomb and has thrown it directly to a water tower...

Workers of municipal service Kozulki were in shock when have seen that directly at a water tower something similar to a bomb lies. People have there and then told about a surprising and dangerous find to militiamen, employees of FSB and Office of Public Prosecutor. And here, after some days, the terrorist have detained. It has appeared it 21 - the summer car mechanician. Inhabitants of small settlement were horrified, having learnt about the one who has built a bomb, after all the young man at neighbours and workers of car-care centre it was characterised positively . In militia the guy has explained that is absolutely casual on a dustbin has found gunpowder and has brought home. What with it to do? Not to vanish to good. Here also has decided a bomb to make. Has fastened an alarm clock, a flask, a battery and... The explosive is ready!

- On a question on why the given device has been left near a water tower, the citizen has explained that after its manufacturing, he was frightened of possible responsibility including criminal and consequently has thrown out the device in a deserted place, - Galina Stepanova, the senior inspector on important issues of KMU GSU has told to us at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Krasnoyarsk region. - to undermine a tower the guy did not gather. The device has not been resulted in working state.

Now to the curious car mechanician threatens till four years of prison.