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In Murmansk area the festival of school mass-media

the Media centre " has come to the end; nejtrino is a pilot project on development of school mass-media. It is carried out by the centre of the public information of the Kola atomic power station since 2008 with financial support of ROSATOM.   representatives of mass-media, schoolboys participate in the project   the organisation of veterans of the Kola atomic power station; and teachers of a city Polar Dawns, all nearby 500 persons.

  - For a year of work a media centre nejtrino has reached certain successes. Our interschool newspaper is awarded a special prize in competition of printing mass-media on   the international scientific conference Polar light - 2009 in St.-Petersburg. Besides, us have noticed and in area. Edition work is noted by results of regional competition for mass-media On a Murmansk boundary The diploma and the incentive award for the organisation of the project directed on military - patriotic education, - has informed the head   a media centre nejtrino Natalia Shastina.

Within the limits of the project a media centre nejtrino at city schools mass media are created, two festivals of youth mass-media, more than 30 master - classes and trainings for young journalists, a course of computer imposition and design are spent, 33 newspapers,   are let out; four releases of school news.

By results of the competitions spent by a youth media centre nejtrino in 2009, the best school journalist   it is recognised   the eighth-grader of a grammar school 1 Darya Parfyonov. And the Best publication - 2009   - article Even if a hole in kede, all the same we run to victory from an editorial board of school 3.   Pupils of school 4 have defeated at once four nominations. Ninth-grader Marina Kiselyov became the indisputable leader of computer imposition and design. By the author of the best publication about a city Polar Dawns tenth-grader Alain Osipov,   is recognised; the winner in a nomination the Promising journalist - eleventh-grader Maria Murugova, the best TV presenter of a media centre nejtrino eighth-grader Julia Loginov is named. Winners and prize-winners   in competitions for pupils of averages and elementary grades On a Murman boundary and the Gift to the fluffy friend became more than 50 debutants - junkorov.

representation by grammar-school boys new, already the second under the bill   became Unexpectedness of competition of printing mass-media; the school newspaper Alternative   which is recognised the best among competitive materials.   to alternative   the jury has unanimously awarded Gran - at .   In a rating of school printing mass-media of a place were distributed as follows: 1 place - the newspaper of school 4 4 quarter 2 place - the newspaper of school 3 School parkway 3 place - the Grammar-school boy from a grammar school 1.