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In the Leningrad Zoo there will be ordinary cats

In New year the most popular inhabitant of a zoo for certain there are tigers. After all it is their year, that is why if not to touch, though to look: and suddenly even it will bring good luck. But owners house moustached - striped, and simply house cats, too rejoice. After all murlyki   in essence, the same tigers, only the small. Many owners having a tail can glorify the cat at festival Striped flight which will open on Friday, on December, 25th, in a zoo.

- the Festival consists of several parts, - have explained in   a zoo . - For owners of cats we declared competition the Cat of the house . Owners sent a photo - and video of the pets. The jury will define

on one winner in each of five nominations, and three winners - by quantity typed in a sum of points. Also the prize of spectator sympathies will be handed over. And all visitors of a zoo can see works at an exhibition the Cat of the house in a building Ekzotariuma . Festival Striped flight will last till February, 28th 2010 in territory of the Leningrad zoo.   certainly, it is dated for approach of year of the Tiger on East calendar. But it is devoted not only to tigers, but also lions, manulam and to other representatives of family of the cat`s.

At festival veterinary surgeons, felinologii (experts in cats), and even critics and collectors will take part from time to time. And a festival problem - as it is possible to tell more full to visitors about cats - wild, house, about their characters. Organizers also want to pay attention to a problem of disappearance of many kinds cat`s.

In the festival program:

25 - on December, 27th - celebratory opening of festival Striped flight For visitors of the Leningrad zoo. Cartoon films, competitions, cheerful games and prizes, an interactive fairy tale the Cat who walked in itself opening of Art - cafe At a pig in a poke and the sculpture with the same name, an interactive room In a cave of a tiger demonstration of work with a puma and at a tort, indicative feedings of predatory cats.

With on December, 25th on feasts, the day off and during January vacation work:

- the Cave of a tiger . The owner of a cave will welcome visitors.

-   the Exhibition of works of schedules - Margarita Zhuravlevoj`s animal painters,   Tatyanas Rodionovoj and Rumjantseva Vladimir in a zoo Lecture hall;

- the Exhibition of collections of toys, ornaments, children`s hand-made articles Books and cats from known collectors in a city: egorovoj Svetlana Konstantinovny, May Alena and the Petersburg museum of a cat. Also at an exhibition works in the technician " are presented; biseropletenie from DDT the Olympus Vyborg r - on, a wire toy from DDT Frunzesky r - on and dr creative masterful (a hall of the Lecture hall and in Art - cafe At a pig in a poke ) .

- Daily - interactive presentations and quizes Sounds of the cat`s world in a lecture hall hall.

- Photo-exhibition of winners of competition the Cat of the house in a building Ekzotariuma .

- With on December, 25th 2009 on January, 10th 2010 with 13. 00 - the master - classes art - a cat . Every day vacation - hand-made articles in different technicians: a wire toy, origami, biseropletenie, a list on glass, ceramics, manufacturing of cards, costume jewellery for cats, handwork ornaments, vojlokovaljanie, manufacturing of toys for animals.

- With 25. 12. 09 on 28. 02. 10 - joint game for children together with the Petersburg Museum of a cat.  

- on January, 25th - Day of the student : the action PriManula - game with various tasks on a zoo for fans manulov. Gift - possibility to enter into a cage to manulu (!)

- on February, 7th Commemorating of Year of the Tiger on East calendar.