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Leah responsibility of drivers of public transport check during flight

Also officials interested there correspond medical offices of 14 motor transportation enterprises which are engaged in routeing transportations, to existing requirements.   in the summer employees kontrolno - auditing department MU Tjumengortrans have spent selection check among drivers of private buses. A number of infringements has been as a result revealed, with one driver the labour contract is terminated, and remarks are brought in private affairs of individual businessmen.

Together with inspectors of traffic police   the Tyumen experts in narcology conduct researches in ambulatory laboratory directly on roads. The stationary laboratory of medical institution working of 6 days in week, is capable to define three thousand narcotic substances in one analysis.  

- For 11 months 2009 the Tyumen doctors have revealed 649 addicts who are driving about on the Tyumen roads. For comparison: in their 2008 there were 936 persons, in 2007 - 1   438, - Vladimir Pushkarev managing dispansernym branch of a regional narcoclinic speaks.
control over pretrip surveys of drivers will be even more strengthened. In such checks will involve experts in narcology of a clinic.