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Snowfalls have partially paralysed Tula

This night to borders Tula   region with jugo - the West the warm atmospheric front has approached. It has brought with itself(himself) snowfalls and blizzards, according to preliminary data to 7 o`clock in the morning on area has dropped out from 1 to 5 mm of deposits. Warm air arriving to us has reduced a daily course of temperature to a minimum, and at night it has appeared equal to yesterday`s maxima.

Unexpected and the plentiful snowfall this year has fallen upon Tula in 20 - h numbers   December. In the morning inhabitants of Tula with big opazdanijami reached for work and study. The snegoochistitelnaja technics cleaned the central streets, but had not time to consult. Near stops snowdrifts have grown, through which it was necessary perelazit to approach to buses and trolley buses.

Since the morning at stops crowds of the people which could not get into transport
the Photo have gathered: Alexey FOKIN

Transport it has appeared, why - that, it is not enough. As a result at stops there were people crowds.

Those who has gone on the car also have met difficulties. Some dug out the cars which have the day before left at proezzhej parts. Some automobile owners, whose swallows have low landing and could not leave at all. On assurances UGIBDD quantity of failures, from - for a snowfall,   if has not decreased, remains at former level.

However drivers of area urge to save vigilance.

- who Is reminded by that yet   pomel letniju rubber on zimniju that is necessary to make it as soon as possible, - have told department of propagation UGIBDD the Department of Internal Affairs on the Tula area. - during movement observe a distance between cars, watch a technical status of a car. Well, and certainly, whenever possible to use public transport.