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In the Kirov region the special fire-prevention mode

Most " is entered; fire-dangerous in area: Slobodsky, Kirovo - Chepetsk, Omutninsk, settlement Suna, village Shalegovo of Orichevsky area, rural settlement Birtjaevsky Kotelnichsky area.
into New Year`s feasts here even have entered a special fire-prevention mode. And it is the strengthened control over timely clearing of snow of roads and fares to fire hydrants, behind the serviceability of technics of the enterprises adapted for suppression of fires, patrol of the city territory by the population, increase in penalties for infringement of fire prevention rules in 1,5 - 2 times. Such mode will operate the situation with fires is not normalised yet.
by the way, for days in area has occurred five fires. And three of them - from - for misuse of electrodevices.
so, in Urzhume the man has left included a self-made boiler. In   a result, in   to apartment have found a corpse of the owner.
And in village Goldfinches of Jaransky area there was a conducting short circuit - has burnt down the house of the pensioner, have told in GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Kirov region.