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Cinema Salute in Ekaterinburg has again earned

earlier bought tickets for January will be obmeneny on other sessions at will of the spectator, the director of a multiplex has told about it Salute Sergey Fedjakov.

- Today for us, it is possible to tell, a gala day. The judge of Lenin area at an extraordinary session has cancelled earlier made decision on a work suspension Salute and at 18 o`clock after the urged idle time we begin display of films, and the first will go in 3D - to a hall the Avatar - Sergey Valentinovich has told. - Certainly, losses for all holidays of idle time to us will not manage to be restored, it is a question about seven - eight millions roubles. Naturally, we are going to understand with this business.

According to the cinema manager, the Office of Public Prosecutor obviously was overzealous, as all lacks noticed by firemen in   Salute Have eliminated to the prohibitive decision of Lenin regional court on December, 31st. As firemen at all did not hurry - gave time already till June, 1st, 2010, means, according to checking, too serious they have not found anything in our infringements.

the Multiplex Salute will open, truth while without clothes. The administration will suit the time improvised locker room.   but at will of spectators they can pass in a viewing hall and in outer clothing. It is all will last till that time while in clothes not will the system dymoudalenija by means of tin boxes is made. And it will occupy month - another.