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Kirov vitse - the governor has convicted Americans of hypocrisy

Vitse - governor Sergey Karnauhov in the blog has hung out fast about a sight of the American legal experts at Russia. Foreigners did this analysis five years ago, and in this time their situation assessment in Russia has not changed.

So, the USA, being based on principles of observance of human rights and offensive advancement of these ideas worldwide, in details analyze a situation in Russia and give sharply critical estimations, - Sergey Sergeevich writes. - the Rhetoric is based basically on: infringements from militia, the Chechen problematics, corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB, use of militia as the tool at not legal decision of political and corruption questions, corruption and discrimination during realisation of a migratory policy and control over observance of a passport system, torture and cruel treatment of arrested persons... And at this time there was Iraq, Afghanistan, tens local conflicts worldwide, razvjazyvanie strategic game in Israel and involving   in it of Iran, intensity between India and Pakistan, imposing of the international position concerning the North Korea, support of war against Russia in the North Caucasus, protection of emissaries of insurgents... Eh... Concern all with humour! As research centre Pew Global Attitudes Project has published results of poll spent in 16 - ti the world countries. Poll has shown that the USA on - former do not love. Pro-American moods are strongest in India (where 71 % positively concern the USA interrogated), to Poland (62 %), Canada (59 %), Great Britain (55 %) and Russia (52 %) .