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In Murmansk business Infiniti it is passed in court

Office of Public Prosecutor of Murmansk area has confirmed the bill of particulars concerning Anton Gorokhov, the originator of the terrible failure which have occurred about 7 mornings on July, 25th 2009 Criminal case it is passed in October district court of a city. Then on Lenin`s prospectus, around the house 80, Infiniti for the speed of 161 km/ ch has left on vstrechku, has rammed a concrete protection of the right edge proezzhej parts, has brought down a traffic light and ran into a taxi - VAZ 2110. Two passengers of a foreign car, and also the driver " As a result were lost; the Zhiguli . Gorokhov remained is live. Here some months it is in a pre-trial detention centre. The consequence has established that at the moment of a finding at the wheel the young man was not sober.

to It make ch. 6 items 264 criminal codes of Russian Federation - infringement of traffic regulations and operation of the vehicles, made by the person who is in a drunken state, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons. Punishment for such crime - imprisonment for the term up to nine years with right deprivation to operate a vehicle for the term up to three years.

- the First judicial session will pass not later than in 10 days, - has informed the assistant to the public prosecutor of Murmansk area   on interaction with mass-media and the public of Evelina Makarova.