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Near Tula the thief has plundered apartment while owners... Slept

on January, 11th   the deputy   the Novomoskovsk city public prosecutor has confirmed charge on criminal case 39 - summer Oleg Bobrova.

Under the version of the investigation, the man with   July on   November, 2009 has plundered 6 apartments.   in two apartments   Beavers has made the way   through window window leaves. The man abducted not only values, money and home appliances, but also did not shun to take clothes and alcohol.

Once at the night of Beavers has decided to clean   one more   apartment also has climbed through a window in apartment where has found out serenely sleeping woman. This circumstance at all has not confused and has not stopped the predator. It has very quietly rummaged around the house, has collected all valuable that has found,   and easy left through   an entrance door.

Stolen the man always either sold, or gave to acquaintances. The total sum of the plundered has made an order of 150 thousand roubles.

Before Beavers already was we judge for fulfilment of similar crimes, in 2007 it was released from places of confinement and from those   a time anywhere officially did not work. After the statement of the bill of particulars criminal case is directed to Novomoskovsk city court.