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In Perm there was an instruction how correctly to light candles, not to arrange a fire in church

a fire Subject in Perm after state of emergency in the Lame horse and kindlings at Theatre of dolls it is actual so that   firemen of Lenin area have decided to let out the instruction how correctly to put candles at visitation of churches that there was no misfortune. This instruction   they have placed on a site of the Perm archdiocese.

- be careful at ignition of candles from lamp-stands, go into clothes sleeves, - firemen remind;

- under a candle hold a cardboard or paper piece that hot wax has not got on a skin, and you instinctively have not pulled a hand and have not dropped a burning candle on clothes;

- tie up strong scarfs and clean hair, reducing risk of their hit by candle fire at a ducking;

- watch children that they have not put a burning candle near to your clothes;

- do not bring with itself, and do not light in hands instead of candles inflammable subjects and liquids, for example celluloid toys, matches and lighters;

- try to observe distance from other church-goers, do not crowd in one place;

- in case of clothes fire quickly throw off it, try to extinguish fire extinguishers or cover with a dense material if trample a flame feet;

- study a lay-out molelnogo a hall and as a whole church buildings that the nobility of a way of evacuation which it should be obligatory a little, and all doors on an exit are opened;

In case of operation of the fire alarm system and the notification about a fire be not frightened, leave molelnyj a hall hastily, but, without creating a panic and a crush.