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The commander of Mi which have had an accident on Kamchatka - 8 has committed suicide

the Commander broken on Kamchatka in the end of December of last year of helicopter Mi - 8 A. O.Budnikov was not lost, as was informed earlier, and has committed suicide. It was hung up in a tail compartment after has helped to get out to wounded pilots.

It is established that after a crash landing the commander of crew has taken all measures to rescue of the second pilot and the flight mechanic which independently could not move then has disappeared from a field of vision of pilots. Its body has been found in a tail compartment of the helicopter with obvious signs of a suicide - the head of the Kamchatka interdistrict investigatory department on transport DVSU on transport SKP has informed journalists on Tuesday the Russian Federation Anton Artemenko.

All familiar Budnikova are perplexed - it always looked quiet, never allowed to worry an occasion about the state of mind. That has pushed the commander of crew on suicide while it is not known. It has not left an agonal note.

Check will go till the end of January, but already is now precisely established that the reason of falling of Mi - 8 was the left engine failure in work. Excess of as much as possible admissible take-off weight of the aircraft took place, that is there was an overload, and some parts of the helicopter have appeared iced over - Anton Artemenko has told.

He has added that the antiicing system by the helicopter was as it should be, but it did not begin to include.

This system   very much energozatratna, its work could affect load-carrying capacity of the helicopter - the inspector has explained.

we Will remind, in the afternoon on December, 29th Mi - 8 Koryak airlines has crash-landed on Kamchatka, in 70 kilometres to severo - to the West from settlement Esso. On its board during that moment there were three crewmen and two tons of New Year`s cargo: oranges, tangerines, apples.

the Crew has informed on a crash landing and has requested the help, to pilots have sent the helicopter with experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation and physicians onboard. Emergency Mi - 8 has received fuselage and cabin damages. The commander of crew was lost, and the second pilot and the flight mechanic has been hospitalised with traumas and crises.

the Head of the Kamchatka interdistrict investigatory department on transport has noticed that the decision on criminal case excitation under article infringement of safety rules of operation of air transport it will be accepted after careful check of circumstances of failure, passes Interfax.

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