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In Tatarstan the private soldier will demand compensation of moral harm from the former commander

Zelenodolets the Novel Kalashnikov has gone to minister in army in 2008. In December in its part in Sverdlovsk area some tens soldiers were ill with a pneumonia. One 23 - summer private soldier Anton Jumatov, has died. The novel too has got to military hospital, and in a month him have let go on leave home as had been ill with the heavy form of a pneumonia . But already in a Zelenodolsk at the guy high temperature has again risen, and it has got on a hospital cot. It has appeared, of the soldier have not finished the cure. Having visited several hospitals, the Novel has gone dosluzhivat already to Totsky garrison in Orneburgsky area and in December, this time is safe, has returned from army home.

the Consequence has found out that pneumonia flash has been provoked by that in barracks was the big density of staff and absence of appropriate control over their health from command . That soldiers overcooled on field employment and at constructions was found out also, marching in the street without outer clothing.

In the end of December of last year the Novel Kalashnikov has received the notification message that on it eks - the commander criminal case is got. Victor Bizjaeva accuse   in infringement sanitary - epidemiological rules which has entailed on imprudence death of the person and in the negligence which has entailed on imprudence death of the person. This week the accused should familiarise with criminal case materials, - have informed lawyers of the Kazan remedial centre in military investigatory department of military investigatory management on Privolzhsko - to the Ural military district.

  - In case of a verdict of guilty we will be initsiiirovat the claim about compensation of a damage and indemnification of moral harm to the Novel to Kalashnikov, -   the head of the Kazan remedial centre Igor Sholokhov has assured.

Colonel Victor Bizjaev to the Elansky educational centre worked as the chief of the Chelyabinsk tank school which has received sad glory in connection with Andrey Sychev`s business. On the night of January, 1st, 2006 19 - the summer guy have cruelly beaten grandfathers then it became the invalid. After that scandal of Bizjaeva have directed to Sverdlovsk area but after in its educational centre there was a flash of a pneumonia and the soldier was lost, the decree of the president of Russia on August, 5th last year him have discharged from military service with transfer in a stock