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In Vladimir region the curfew

has started to operate changes in regional laws " Have come into force; About measures on protection of morals and health of children and About administrative offences which limit a finding of children in public places at night without parents or persons replacing them. For these offences penalties will be imposed on parents (to 1000 roubles), officials (to 10 thousand roubles) and the organisations (to 35 thousand roubles).

Children, according to the current legislation, the citizens who have not reached 18 - summer age are considered. As streets, stadiums, parks, squares, transport, entertaining institutions where alcohol retail, including beer is provided public in places are understood. night is called time with 22. 00 to 6. 00 during the period from September, 1st till May, 31st and with 23. 00 to 6. 00 - from June, 1st till August, 31st.

Besides, till 18 years at any time it is forbidden to young men to be in all kinds of the public institutions intended for realisation only alcoholic (including beer) production and the goods of sexual character, in other places where harm to health of children can be done, to their physical, intellectual, mental, spiritual and moral development. In cities and area areas commissions of experts which structure will include representatives of authorities and the law and order, teachers and psychologists will be engaged in definition of such places.

the Law has been developed by deputies of Legislative Assembly, the governor and the public prosecutor of Vladimir region.