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Volgogradka has accused the guy of rape to justify before mother

In militia the inhabitant of the Nikolaev area it was converted on Sunday evening. The woman has demanded to put in prison its boyfriend 18 - the summer daughter, that the guy has raped the girl.

The day before the daughter has come back home more close by the morning. All this time the strict mother could not find any peace for stirring. When it became dopytavatsja, where   the careless daughter vanished all this time,   it has rushed to tears and has declared that her have raped. According to the girl over it has abuseed   its young   the person.

the Angered woman there and then was converted into militia. The guy have detained next day, but the fault it to recognise did not hurry, and very much the other way: has assured militiamen that   all happens on love.

- to Learn truth it was possible only after psychological contact to the girl has been come into. After conversation she admitted that has thought up this history to justify before mother the later returning. In addition the girl   has fairly drunk, so if the woman has not heard the weighty reason for such behaviour, it should the idler is unsweetened. Now on the given fact check is spent. On rape criminal case will not be raised, and here concerning slander from the woman still it is necessary to understand, - Andrey Barykin, the head of Nikolaev MrSO of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region has told .