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In Chelyabinsk for a high jump gave on 60 thousand roubles

To Chelyabinsk on a memorial of a name of Lukashevich on high jumps sportsmen from all Russia have gathered. Still - for victory gave the big money. So in sector for high jumps the winner received for the first place of 60 thousand the roubles, the second prize-winner - 40, the third - 20. At jumpers with a pole fees were less - 30, 20 and 10 thousand, accordingly.

Cheljabintsam to break the big roll it was not possible - anybody from them has not got to a three of prize-winners in high jumps. Here money was divided among themselves by Muscovite Ivan Ilyichev, the inhabitant of Ryazan Michael Tsvetkov and Alexander Shustov from Moscow.

But 20 thousand roubles for the second place Dmitry Starodubtsev competing in sector for pole vaults has put in a pocket cheljabinets. The first and third steps of a podium were occupied again with Muscovites - Sergey Kucherjanu and Nikolay Lavrinenko, accordingly.

By money the Chelyabinsk women - prize-winners in sector for high jumps of a steel two capital athletes and one sportswoman from St.-Petersburg have jumped also.