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The rescuer of a diary of Anna Frank has died at the age of 100 years

During the Second World War self-denying woman Mip Gis (Miep Gies) helped the Jewish family to disappear from nazis in Amsterdam. She has died on Monday, on January, 11th at the age of 100 years, informs RIA Novosti news agency .

the Woman helped a family of the Jewish girl of Anna Frank, to the author of the well-known diary - the document on fascism, on the terrible reference with people.

Mrs. Gis remembered often that terrible day when fascists have rushed into Frank`s shelter. It is known that they were given out by the informant which name and did not manage to be established. And further the family Frank almost all was lost in nazi camps of death.

I never will forget feeling of a grief and a devastation which I have tested, wandering on the become empty rooms, within almost two years were the house for my friends Franks - she tells.

In a small room of Anna who have become by an Amsterdam museum, Mrs. Gis also has found a diary of the girl - the teenager. It has saved it if the family has survived. Nazi camp only Otto Frank, the father of Anna however has worried.

When it has returned to Amsterdam, Mip Gis has passed it a diary of Anna in which formation of the teenager is reflected, and the events connected with urged solitary life of a family day after day are described. In secret rooms Achterhuis where Franks hid, at many the feeling of claustrophobia developed. Anna about all wrote very in detail: the girl had a dream after war to become the writer.

Mip Gis was the little more than thirty when it has started to work as the secretary for the father of family Otto Frank who was engaged is export - import operations and whose office settled down in Amsterdam. To Gis Frank it was converted behind the help when Germans have come to a city. She of the first has learnt that Frank`s family has decided to get over from the comfortable apartment in a prosperous southern disctrict of the city in the small hiding place known as Achterhuis, adjoining to the former office.

Today a diary of Anna Frank is translated to 55 languages of the world, it has dispersed in 25 million copies.