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In Mordovia there was unique in the world covered centre VMH - sports

Employment in new unique sports object - covered centre VMH - sports, will begin already in the nearest future, one of these days it has been placed in operation. At opening solemn ceremony there was Head RM Nikolay Merkushkin, the vice-president of federation of bicycle sports of Russia Yury Kucherjavyj and the head coach of a national team of cycling - VMH Nikolay Tatarkin.

BMX it is deciphered as “ bicycle cross-country race “ (Bicycle ̀oto Ñross). At the beginning of its occurrence children and teenagers who could not take part in cross-country race participated in competitions. They competed on bicycles, going for a drive on the lines, similar that for cross-country race. Sports have received name VMH and have quickly extended as unique sports discipline. Since 2008 it is included in the program of summer Olympic games.

Uniqueness of centre recently accepted in operation that it has unique in the world a covered velodrome and thus can accept competitions of various level within all year, and not just during possible time for open trainings.

- length of a line taking into account all bends and hills - 360 metres. The new track was tested at once by participants of the first and second stages of the Cup of Russia on cycling - VMH. Bicycle racers have taken part In tournament from Moscow, Izhevsk, Omsk, Penza and Bryansk, - the newspaper " informs; Capital With “