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The Lithuanian artist has passed a picture in gift to the Belarus memorial complex the Brest strong hold - the hero

the Lithuanian artist Yury Baltrunas known for the pictures about war, has passed in gift to the Belarus memorial complex the Brest strong hold - the hero   a picture Walls remember correspondent BELTA informs.

a Picture devoted to defenders of the Brest strong hold, Yury Baltrunas has handed over to embassy of Belarus in Lithuania.

the Plenipotentiary ambassador of Belarus in Lithuania Vladimir Drazhin has noticed that solemn transfer of a picture for a museum is the first of a complex of the actions devoted 65 - letiju Victories in the Great Patriotic War.

This picture will take a worthy place in a museum of the Brest strong hold, - Vladimir Drazhin has told. - It is written in 1967 under impression of strong hold visitation - the hero. Art exhibition of this known artist, many of which are devoted the Great Patriotic War, will soon open in embassy of Belarus in Lithuania, and then at the Vilnius school with the Belarus language of training of a name of Frantsiska Skoriny. In the program of actions of the embassy devoted 65 - letiju Victories, - scientific conference, trips of veterans from Lithuania in places of fighting glory in Belarus, reception for veterans. We are obliged to repay a debt to the people defending the peace from fascism - the ambassador has told.

Artist Yury Baltrunas was born in 1923. The teenager has voluntary left to protect Leningrad. At the front was engaged in drawing: did for the front newspaper portraits of fighters, sketches of fights, sketches of the future pictures. The part of these works was exhibited at an exhibition of artists - the front-line soldiers, organised in 1943.