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In Kreshchensky night in the Lipetsk region will cut through one and a half ten fonts

In Lipetsk by tradition there will be ice-holes on the river Voronezh. One on the main city beach, around the life-saving station, the second - on the left coast, near to life-saving station NLMK. In districts also there will be fonts: in Eltse on the river the Pine at the Voznesensky cathedral, and in Zadonske in three monasteries.

- the Bottom of fonts is surveyed by divers. In the night from 18 for January, 19th brigades of rescuers, workers of inspection on small size vessels will be on duty, police officers and doctors, - have informed in regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

Rescuers warn: in kreshchenskuju a font it is necessary to plunge on 1 - 2 minutes, and to an ice-hole to go only to footwear. After bathing it is necessary to be pounded by a towel, to put on and drink a hot drink. To come into ice water after alcohol acceptance it is dangerous. Alcohol contributes in overcooling and gives the big loading on heart.


the Thickness of ice on area reservoirs in different places makes from 15 to 40 see Completely the river Voronezh middle is opened. On Don and the Pine in rapid current places gullies were formed.