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Eli II: the Georgian people wish the world with Russia

the Georgian people look for peace with Russia, but wisdom and work are for this purpose necessary, has declared on Tuesday at a meeting with members Russian - the Georgian public commission a catholicos - patriarch Vseja of Georgia II.

At a meeting was present only one representative of the Russian delegation Alan Kasaev. To two members of the Russian delegation - to journalists Maxim Shevchenko and Vladimir Mamontovu - on Wednesday at the Tbilisi airport it has been refused entrance to Georgia.

the patriarch has declared to journalists after a meeting that it was very important.

I am glad that at least a part of the Russian delegation have passed to Georgia. Our visitor has learnt that Georgia wishes the world with Russia and will make all for this purpose, but wisdom and work " are for this purpose necessary; - quotes words of the patriarch Interfax .

the Patriarch has expressed special pleasure because it there was a visitor from Russia Alan Kasaev whom the Ossetin on a nationality and, as well as he, was born in Vladikavkaz.

in turn, Kasaev has declared after a meeting to journalists that those wise words which he has heard from the Georgian patriarch, will necessarily reach the Russian people .

About this meeting learn all. I want to thank the patriarch for wise words which I have heard from it. We want, that the friendship between Russian and Georgians was restored. For this purpose it is necessary to do the utmost - he has declared.

meanwhile, the authorities of Georgia declare that journalists of Shevchenko and Mammoths have not been passed in connection with infringement of rules of entrance earlier taking place from their party on territory of Georgia.

As the chairman of parliamentary committee on external relations of Georgia Acacius Minashvili has declared to journalists, there were cases when they visited territory of Georgia, in particular, Abkhazia with infringement of the Georgian legislation.

as he said, Shevchenko and Mamontova in passports had a mark that they were in territory of Abkhazia.

in turn members Georgian - the Russian public commission, both with Russian, and from the Georgian party, have expressed a regret because to two representatives of this commission have not allowed to visit Georgia.


the Patriarch supporting a genocide the Ossetin, will receive the European award