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In Vladivostok car thieves of expensive cars

In Primorski Krai are caught is where to clear up to autothieves. The blessing, at us more than is enough expensive Japanese cars. And demand for them never falls. That`s it on fans to save and the gang of car thieves worked. Its organizer, leaving prison and having behind the back a wide experience of stealings of cars, has decided to fall back into the old ways. It has returned to Vladivostok, has agreed with two child-hood friends to trade in the old image.

- Together they have developed the scheme of plunder of foreign cars, have distributed among themselves roles, have discussed withdrawal and masking ways, have found garage where stolen cars should be stored, - have told in GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on DFO. - In the beginning criminals found the client and under the order stole the car. Cars basically in Khabarovsk territory marketed.

Field investigators have done enormous work before to catch malefactors. Now all three are in custody. During the investigation militiamen have found and have returned to lawful owners two jeeps, which criminals had not time to forward from territory of Primorski Krai. To gangsters prison terms till 12 years shine.