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The American has found a frog in bank with pepsi - koloj, experts have confirmed presence of an animal

On Wednesday, on September, 2nd, the American mass-media have informed on results of the examination spent under the request   townswomen Ormond Bich Emi Denegri. Management on control over products and medicines of the USA has sent it the official report.   a foreign matter found her husband in bank dietary koly, it has appeared a frog or a toad.

Her husband, Fred Denegri, fried on July, 23rd shish kebabs and, as usual, washed down their favourite koloj. Next bank has seemed to it simply abomination on taste, however, that he in it has seen, was even worse.

We at first thought that it is the mouse - has declared Emi.

Spouses could not disassemble that for an animal has got in kolu. However it was too big that it could be shaken out simply therefrom. They have sent to bank to experts.  

the Representative of company Pepsi, Jeff Denk, has declared that knows about results of examination. However Denk assures that the frog could not appear in pepsi in the course of pouring in any way. In Orlando the Scourge descends from the factory product line approximately 1250 bottles in minute, and quality assurance at factory very strict.

Experts   Managements on control over products and medicines of the USA after that case have checked up our factory, and have not found defects in the monitoring system. In this case they simply are not capable to define, when the frog has appeared in bank.

However, Emi Denegri is assured that the animal was in bank before her husband has opened it.

In the report it is clearly told that in bank there was an animal. But we could not push there it - it too big - firmly there is it on the.

the Company has accused them of falsification. Spouses have declared that are not going to submit yet the claim though will go to the lawyer behind consultation, informs Assoshiejted a press