Rus News Journal

In Kemerovo large theft of scrap metal

Group of young men is prevented has decided to begin own business on trade in scrap metal. That not   to search for metal   on old mines and buildings have decided to take out and sell ownerless metallokonstruktsii from territory of one of the Kemerovo firms. Metal farms and beams when - that made a building basis. Have as superfluous disassembled and have combined in the street to transport in other place. To the owner of the commercial organisation,   to which posessed building materials, and to a head has not come that   someone can covet multiton designs. Especially, hundred lay it not in the street, and in protected territory. But young men thirsted money, and were ready to move. Not to potter with tjazhelennymi designs, friends have invited to the help of the expert gazosvarshchika. That, taking on work a compensatory holiday, has hastened   to the aid. Young men have resulted the friend into place, have helped to unload the welding device and benzorez and, having left it alone with metallokonstruktsijami, have left to search   buyers. Work of the unknown welder has drawn attention of employees of protection of the enterprise, and they have called in militia. To guards the young man has told   everything, having emphasised that he did not want to make theft, and aspired to help friends.   young men   had time to cause   an organisation damage on 124 thousand roubles. Now   concerning arrested persons   the question in criminal case excitation is solved, have informed in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs on   Kemerovo.