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Atomshchiki Russia and Norway will discuss cooperation of two countries in area jaderno - radiating security

Atomshchiki of Russia and Norway in   Thursday, on September, 3rd, will discuss during 12 - go sessions of the bilateral commission in the city of Svanhovd (Norway) cooperation in jaderno - radiating security and, in particular, recycling of nuclear submarines, the press - state corporation service " informs; Rosatom .

Besides the project on a nuclear-powered submarine, partners will estimate results of dismantle of radio isotope thermoelectric generators (RITEG), the Russian plans under the reference and safe storage of the fulfilled nuclear fuel (OJAT) and a radioactive waste (Russian Open Society) in Severo - the Western region of Russia, rehabilitation of territory of a lip of Andreeva.

the Commission also will consider a course of realisation of programs of cooperation, in particular, programs of global partnership Groups of eight .

Co-chairmen of the commission are the assistant to the general director of state corporation Rosatom Evgenie Evstratov and the representative of the government of Norway of Elizabeth Valaas.

Till 2003 interaction of two countries was carried out within the limits of the bilateral intergovernmental agreement (it is signed in 1998) on cooperation in the field of preservation of the environment in connection with recycling of the Russian nuclear-powered submarines deduced from structure Military - marine sea fleet of Russia in northern region.

Norway within the limits of the agreement annually allocated for the decision of ecological problems from 12 to 15 million dollars thanks to what special railway cars for transportation of containers with OJAT have been constructed and placed in operation, the intermediate storehouse for a liquid radioactive waste on shipyard " is modernised; the Asterisk (Severodvinsk), radiating investigation of technical territory is carried, is constructed administratively - a household complex in Gube Andreeva.

In May, 2003 the frame agreement about multilateral jaderno - the ecological program in the Russian Federation (MNEPR), put a legal basis for realisation of projects in the field of increase jaderno - the radiating security, carried out by foreign partners on severo - the western territory of Russia has been signed, informs RIA News .