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America is assured - financial crisis comes to an end

On Thursday, on September, 3rd, heads of Federal reserve system have published the report of session of Committee on the open markets. Experts consider that economy recession has ended, however about manufacture restoration to speak still early.

the Economy, most likely, will be slowly restored during the second half of the year, but, in the general opinion, it remains vulnerable to negative shocks. A number of participants have specified that banks on - former are threatened with a great risk of additional losses under credits that many small and average banks can suffer from deterioration of a status of credits in sector of commercial real estate - experts consider.

By and large, economy growth will depend on balance between expenses of the population and its bent for to accumulation. Last month head FRS Ben Bernanke declared that   the USA on the sly starts to recover from shock.

To a common opinion about when it is necessary to stop to support banks and manufacture, the American economists and have not come, informs   Interfax