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In Venice will show the Blockade book Alexander Sokurov

In its frameworks the world premiere of a documentary film 100 TV removed on the Petersburg TV channel will take place.

Time now at Alexander Sokurov is painted literally on minutes. In Czechia at full speed there are film shootings Faust . But on a premiere the Blockade book to Italy it nevertheless will escape.

- This tape the management Venetian kinofesta has selected itself, - project head Igor Bystrov admitted . - the Film television. To show it on the big screen, we have used the advanced technologies of translation of a picture in analogue of the big cinema.

Sokurov noticed time and again that has removed this tape to remember, what price gives life, and that this price happens is inadmissible the heavy. Fragments from well-known the Blockade book Daniel Granin and Alesya Adamovicha in a film is read by Petersburgers - schoolboys, scientific, actors, blokadniki. The national actor of Russia Ivan Krasko was one of them.

- I have read two fragments without any rehearsals, at once, - the well-known actor admitted. - on one breath. I think, at all so was.

Participants and visitors of the Venetian film festival can see Alexander Sokurov`s film on September, 9th.