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Latvia intends to deliver to forces of the NATO in Afghanistan the industrial goods and foodstuff

the United States of America are the important strategic partner of Latvia, and our relations are characterised as very close and constructive - the chairman of the Diet of Latvia has declared on Wednesday, on September, 2nd, Gundar Daudze at a meeting with the new ambassador of the USA in Latvia to Dzhudi Garber.

Head of the Diet has expressed confidence that cooperation between two countries will be and to become stronger henceforth.

the Ambassador of the USA has thanked the Latvian soldiers for their military contribution to NATO operations to Afghanistan. the Latvian soldiers in Afghanistan battle shoulder to shoulder with American, the USA are highly appreciated by courage of the Latvian military men and their victim - has declared Garber. In turn Daudze has confirmed that Latvia is ready to carry out of the obligations and wants to be the reliable partner.

During a meeting the chairman of the Latvian parliament has noticed that the country is ready to deliver to forces of the NATO in Afghanistan own industrial goods and foodstuff, and also to continue to render logistical services.

According to Daudze, such cooperation will allow to strengthen considerably the Latvian economy, informs information portal NovoNews. lv referring to news agency Regnum.