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From - under brought down parkings in Moscow have pulled out a three, one more can be under blockages

Rescuers have taken from - under fallen   a many-tier parking on Kozhevnichesky three victims. For one more continue to search.

three person have suffered, doctors help them. According to preliminary data, under blockages there can be one more person. On a place rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Measures " work; - the chief has told a press - services GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Moscow Evgenie Bobylev.

As he said, the collapse has occurred on a minus the second floor. The doctors who have arrived on a place of state of emergency, have assisted wounded men. Them have sent in hospital

the Cars standing nearby from a place of state of emergency, clean by means of wreckers.   on Kozhevnichesky street of profit of the car of all special services, passes Interfax

we Will remind, state of emergency has occurred in Kozhevnichesky street on Thursday, about nine mornings. The many-tier underground parking near to the house - a new building has fallen, under blockages was a minimum three persons, but them have pulled out. The collapse area has made about 600 square metres.

the Reasons of state of emergency are established.