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To go abroad, the inhabitant of Irkutsk has paid 4 million roubles

Having learnt that from - for a debt it cannot go abroad, one of inhabitants of area has urgently paid 4 million roubles. It is the greatest sum which was collected in the summer by court enforcement officers from the private person. In total from the beginning of year it is returned by debtors of more 1 billion 800 thousand roubles. On it have informed on a press - conferences in representatives of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers across the Irkutsk region.

- For 8 months under decisions of courts only we should collect 748 million 364 thousand roubles from private persons, - the chief of department of the organisation of work on search of debtors and their property of Management of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers Yury Igoshin has informed. - the Most part is long it is necessary on credits - 500 million Under the alimony owe 15 million more 466 thousand roubles. It is already returned debts on 13 million 182 thousand roubles, and only for the summer period as a result of restrictive measures - more than 10 million  

Police officers work at the airport with passengers of the international and internal flights (since September, 15th there there will be constant watches), on fasts of traffic police and in the evening, and in holidays, on HUNDRED. Plan to meet townspeople as well in migratory service where townspeople come to exchange documents.