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Services Russian " are not necessary to Lithuania; Gazprom

the new powerful power station which plans to build being in management of the Russian gas concern " is not necessary to Lithuania; Gazprom Kaunas termofikatsionnaja the power station, confirms the president of Lithuania Dalja Gribauskajte.

I think, what even after closing of the Ignalina atomic power station Lithuania can provide itself itself with the electric power, and additional power station which in Kaunas is going to construct the Russian concern Gazprom for this purpose really it is not required - the word of the head of the state in a press - release of the Kaunas mayoralty give.

As they say in the message, the president has noticed that Lithuania did not try to search many years for alternative ways of reception teploenergii. Each city, among them and Kaunas, could be heated, burning the waste. Thus, would simultaneously be solved the whole two problems: Heating and recycling of a waste - has told the president.

we Will remind that new power station in Kaunas capacity 320 - 360 megawatt which will work on gas, is planned to construct to 2013. Its building will manage almost in billion lits.

the Basic part of a spadework is already executed, and in September advisers will be declared. The basic competition on power station building is planned to declare about New year, informs the Lithuanian courier .