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Primorski Krai counterfeit denominations on 500 and 1000 roubles

have flooded New versions of false banknotes on 500 and 1000 roubles began to appear in Primorski Krai. 500 - rouble denominations have serial numbers ah 55331ÕÕ, where H - any figure.

Bank employees warn: counterfeit banknotes of the given kind are executed on single-layered tonirovannoj to the paper substrate covered with transparent substance from two parties. In ultra-violet beams (UF - beams) it is observed weak   the paper luminescence, a covering does not influence its intensity. Water marks are not present. Protective fibres of crimson and pink colours are executed by an overprint, the image of fibres in UF - beams not to educate. There is no also an imitation of a protective thread.

-   a text Relief “ the Ticket of Bank of Russia “ and labels for people with the weakened sight it is not simulated, - warns department of information support and communications GU of Bank of Russia across Primorski Territory.

1000 - rouble denominations which are done by counterfeiters, have serial numbers pn 87957ÕÕ, where H - any figure. Criminals print them on a single-layered dense paper substrate of a yellowish shade without a covering, having brightly - a blue luminescence in ultra-violet beams, less rigid, than a paper of original banknotes. Drawing of a grid and water marks are simulated beskrasochnym by a stamping, in passing light   the water mark in the form of Yaroslav the Wise portrait looks polutonovym.

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How to distinguish counterfeit money: